Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're weaning to hemp milk. Here's why:

- I've pumped for her (EPing), for her whole life, and figured that if she hasn't had the need for formula at this point in her life, why start now?

- Baby girl is lactose intolerant. We'll try cow milk again when she's older to see if that improves, but I'm not going to deal with immediate nasty diapers every time we give her any significant amount (1oz or more) liquid milk products right now.

- I have issues with soy due to thyroid problems in me AND the family, so I won't give that to her.

- Rice milk is all carbs, and no protein or fat

- Coconut milk is all fat, and no protein or carb

- Raw milk (cow or goat) is hard to come by for us and is super expensive.

- Goat milk is pretty expensive, and also not the easiest to come by.

- We have obesity, cholesterol issues and heart disease in the family. When babies older than 12 months have a family history like that, the AAP recommends 2% milk instead of whole cow milk.

- Hemp milk's nutritionals (calories, fat, protein, carb) are similar 2% milk, and has natural omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids in addition to a good spectrum of vitamins also similar to cow milk

Just wanted to share our process of deciding what to wean to. At the moment, I'm still providing 15oz of EBM daily, but starting next month or so, I'm going to start dropping down the amount we give her so that I can start stashing enough to get her to 2 years after I'm done pumping.

I know its been a while since I've posted. I'm hoping to get into a regular groove.

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Slee said...

Thanks for breaking it down so clearly!