Saturday, December 15, 2007

Backdating - 12/15/07 - Our Life Since August

So, as I mentioned, we moved into J & J2's parent's home last August. The day before the "big" moving day, five days after S chipped her ankle while mini-golfing with her mother (in shoes I might add that J and I both told her to stop wearing because they were not intended for 12-year-olds), and on our 6 year dating anniversary (August 9), J broke both major bones in his lower left leg and rearranged some ligaments as he did it.

This came in the midst of an insurance struggle that started a couple of days before S chipped her ankle (she needed a boot and crutches btw). Before J and I got married, we decided that the most cost efficient way of doing insurance was for the family to be on my insurance. Fair enough.

(NOTE: For all singles, family insurance is at least two and a half times single insurance, and at least one and a half times parent and child insurance. It was a surprise to me anyway.)

So, we got married, and I called the insurance company, and told them that I had a "life event" and now everyone needs to be covered by my insurance. I gave names, SSNs, and all the info needed, and they gave me medical coverage cards. On July 31, I got a letter in the mail saying that my insurance had changed, and it had reverted to single insurance. Um. 'Scuse me?

About a billion calls, quite a few meetings with HR and a 30 page fax later, even though the insurance company didn't want to admit that they were a bunch of idiots who seemed to have no problem delivering useless information via postal mail, yet still had no idea how to send dependent forms, all was resolved before J's August 20 surgery to fix his leg.

Note the date on this post. This is J & my 1st wedding anniversary, and he still has stitches from his second surgery to remove the 3 inch pin that was put in place to hold the two bones in his lower leg together. The large plate and seven screws will remain. Which means he'll set off metal detectors for the rest of his life.

(NOTE: There is no such thing as a note/letter/certificate from a doc saying that there is metal in one's body. Doc's exact quote is "Just tell them you have a plate in your leg and let 'em wand you. They'll figure it out.")

So, since we moved in, in August J has not had the mobility to unpack. Or work, since his job requires him to be able to restrain students if necessary. Plus, its likely the school district would see a lawsuit waiting to happen if they insisted that he return to work before he's completely healed.

But, starting in the new year, we're going to be just as busy. J will be returning to work, and school. The newest announcement is that we will have an 8th personality in this household who is due to arrive on July 4th. Yes, I'm about 11 weeks pregnant, and cautiously optimistic and excited about our new course in life.