Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Backdating - 4/8/08 - Update-y

So much has happened since the last time I posted.

On Christmas, we let the kid know that she had a little sibling on the way. She was excited.

In January, I made the terrible and hard decision to let my nearly 18 year old kitty go. Kidney failure is a bitch, and for cats, there's no coming back from it. I was also given a promotion that I'd been angling for, for over 6 months.

In February, we found out 1) That we're having a girl and 2) She was bigger than we expected, and my new due date is 6/16. I was also given yet another opportunity at work to transition to a team where I'd have a larger scope, and more chances to actually use the MBA I'm still paying for. I took that opportunity, and am now beginning the transition process.

In March, we purchased baby gear. Crib/changer combo and "travel system". Best friends purchased bedding and a breast pump. I also do NOT have Gestational Diabetes but I am slightly anemic. And very sadly, a friend's wife, who was due at the same time as me had their baby, and the baby did not make it. Words can not describe anything about how I feel about it, and I can't even begin to interpret how they feel.

So now its April, and I have yet to get into nesting mode, but my husband gave me a not so subtle reminder that I had a blog that I should update.

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